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find the surface design you always dreamed of!


In this section you can discover the decorative band (freez,border, strip,...), designed and created by the  It can be ordered as a strip to put in-between tiles anywhere. The prototype examples are 50cm long and 15cm wide, and they can only be ordered starting from one running meter.

They are send on light hardboard wedi specially designed to avoid humidity trouble and they can easy be fixed on the wall like regular tiles. Your advantage is that there's no loss (like when you order a number of square meter tiles and have some boxes left), because when you order 5,5 running meter (even in 3 sections), we will exactly produce the running length(s) that you order.


the name of this first collection Eurozone originates from the link of designs 

with the Eurozone area or country-historical decorative essentials.


this collection has one line as it's major decorative element.

It's created only for wall-purposes, because it is designed with

broken Crystal-glass, to offer the beautiful three-dimensional

effect. With some extra light it is endless in shape-contrast

Collection 1 : EUROZONE (2009)

Collection 2 : ONELINE (2018-unfinished)